Shelley has six beautiful children, a grandson and two decades of experience supporting families and children both as a befriender and mentor and dedicating the last 15 years to providing educational and developmental play sessions as a children's activity provider.

Relax Kids became part of her own family's daily routine when she sought out resources to support her son who, at the age of 5, was struggling with school based anxiety triggered by his Specific Learning Difficulties. Relax Kids had such a positive impact on all three of her youngest children, teaching them the skills needed to relax, be calm and manage difficult feelings, that she decided to embark on training to become a Coach herself.

Now an experienced Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach supporting emotional wellness in public classes, private 1 to 1 sessions and education settings, she is licensed to deliver a variety of Relax Kids programmes. Shelley also specialises in offering a whole school approach by supporting staff, pupils and parents through a package of workshops and wellbeing programmes.

She believes that every child and young person deserves to feel confident, calm, relaxed, happy and able to manage their emotions, including anger and anxiety and every adult should have the ability to support children's emotional development with the tools to model resilience and self-care.

Private sessions are currently available ONLINE ONLY however school and nursery sessions continue to run in person where possible.

Email Shelley on shelley@justsowellbeing.co.uk

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