DEVELOP yourself

Take your training to the next level with our Development Day

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Energize yourself

with new ideas and creativity

Build your confidence

with exercises and activities

Get focused and motivated

with our development journal

Develop your skills

with an additional training day

Improve your efficiency

with to do lists and action plans

Create your business strategy

with clear steps

Use this training day to fire your creativity, develop your skills by testing out your ideas and lesson plans.

As well as honing your skills, this uplifting day will give you the opportunity to clarify your goals and aspirations, and start a clear action plan to get what you want. Spend time practicing your sessions and experiment with new exercises, generate original ideas and build your teaching confidence. The day will give you an opportunity to ponder and plan where you want to go from here. Take time to work out your purpose, your vision and create concrete goals to turn your dreams and ideas into a reality. Development Day allows you to set time aside for you. Delve deeper into your own relaxation and create your very own self-care plan - because your health and wellbeing is just as important!

PLUS Receive your very own planner/journal
which will be your best friend, motivator and guide for the next year ahead

What the day looks like...

  • Practical Sessions
  • How to pitch
  • Classroom Management
  • Relaxation
  • Ideas Workshop
  • Building Confidence
  • My Amazing Ideas
  • Feedback/Evaluation

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New for 2019 : do you know about our Development Day?

Spend a day expanding on your previous training, planning your future with vision boards and action plans Find out more

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