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  1. Wendy Minhinnett

    Overall the Relax Kids project has been a great success with 98% of participants requesting more sessions. This is just the beginning!

  2. Beverly Crooks, OFSTED inspector

    It really does make a difference to the lives of those who participate. Children are less hyper-active, therefore calmer, kinder and more focused.

  3. Teacher

    There was a lovely atmosphere in the room, it felt calm and safe. One of the pupils is very lively, talkative and fidgety; he was engaged and relaxed throughout. I will definitely use the programme again as I was very impressed with the results.

  4. Peter Blair, PE teacher

    A must for every classroom!

  5. John Fardon - Mental Health Teacher

    As a Local Authority teacher for mental health I wholeheartedly recommend Relax Kids to all schools I work with. Individual children and whole classes love to use the exercises and resources, which provide them with a great sense of emotional wellbeing.

  6. Principal, Omagh County PS

    Relax Kids has enabled the children to develop their positive thinking and given them the tools to manage their feelings and behaviour. The children have developed their life skills in a fun way and the positive contribution it has made to their overall emotional intelligence and wellbeing is evident.

  7. Dr Neil Hawkes Education Consultant Values in Education

    Relax Kids resources are in my opinion the best in the world.

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