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Relax and Destress

Tools and techniques to manage stress and anxiety


This album includes relaxation and mindfulness exercises to help children and teens learn how to relax with ease and empty their mind of stress.

Relax and De-stress includes deep physical relaxation exercises to help older children learn how to calm and relax themselves and cope with stressful situations and life's problems such as divorce, death, moving, peer problems, exams etc.

Relaxation strategies such as breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, positive affirmations, body scans and visual imagery have been shown to be extremely effective treatment components for reducing stress and anxiety in children and young people.

These proven techniques encourage mental and emotional health and provide tools for children who suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety, tension, exam nerves and worries. This album also helps children boost their ability to focus and concentrate and deal with stress and manage their anger and anxieties.

Regular listening to this album can allow the child to focus attention, improve concentration skills and feel more in control.

Also suitable for use in the classroom.

Benefits of using this album:
Improves sleep
Boosts immune system
improves concentration and focus
Improves listening skills
Improves self-esteem and positivity
Improves emotional health and literacy
Improves emotional resilience
Improves creativity and imagination
Improves ability to cope with stress and anxiety
Encourages mindfulness

Suitable for children ages 7-15

  1. Lynda

    I love and have used your products for years now with kids I work with and my niece and nephews. I am working with an eight year old boy with ASD and motor problems and these really help him be calm.

  2. Kate

    the cd i bought at the show for my six year old has been a massive success and he listens to it most nights. he says it makes him "chill-lax" ;)

  3. Melanie Barber Primary Strategy Consultant - Behaviour

    I played the CD to our SEAL co-ordinators and they were very impressed. Several subsequently ordered their own copies as a result. One Year 6 teacher played the visualisations every day in the weeks and days running up to the SATs. The pupils were extremely positive and reported that they felt much calmer and ready to learn following listening sessions. It is difficult for teachers to find resources that actively assist children in changing the way they think - Relax Kids visualisations offer exactly that.

  4. MB

    This is a relaxation skills CD aimed at children - it`s fantastic and I love to listen to it myself. My children listen to it at bedtime and it really works! I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone, not just children.

  5. Hayley Right

    The products are spellbinding. My son has the two books, the star cards and now after my last order all the cds except princesses obviously. He loves them and so do i. What an amazing concept for children of this era to remain positive and calm throughout this hectic

  6. Beverly Cooke

    I love relax kids, my daughter has a CD and it really helped her when she was having trouble sleeping

  7. L Belle

    This CD has been fantastic in aiding relaxation and sleep. We have a 10 year old son who struggles to get to sleep, sometimes it can be after midnight before he finally goes off. However, using this meditation aid has helped to distract the active thoughts that occur during insomnia. My 8 year old daughter who sleeps fine, finds the journey through nature an enjoyable and calming experience.

  8. Julie

    I think that your meditations material for children is really brilliant. I just purchased your CD for my son who is just coming up to his 11+ Exam. Despite working hard, he is clearly jittery about it, so I bought your CD to help relax him. Last night, having given it to him to listen to in bed, he came down to kiss his dad good-night and said that he was really quite sleepy and was only on Track 3 ! He certainly looked bleary eyed and he also seemed pretty calm this morning! Thank-you! I know from my own experience of this type of relax meditation tape that it can work wonders and I have great hopes that it will build his confidence and help him to chill out during his exam!

  9. F appleby

    We have all the relax kids cds and find them very effective

  10. Georgina Derbyshire

    I continue to be impressed with the products you provide. I have just ordered my sons 5th CD, as he listens to one every single night. The only problem is, if I lie on the bed with him, I dont make it past the 2nd track before I am sound asleep. In a world of speed, its a pleasure to take a foot off the pedal.

  11. Alison Moore

    I am a parent of a 9 year old with ASD and I am a senior social worker. Our lives were improved significantly, when I bought this CD for my son. He had nightmares and struggled to get off to sleep due to fear of being alone. Kain has asked for some tracks from to be put on his I phone shuffle to take on holiday!

  12. Linda Zack

    I bought this CD for my 9 year old daughter when she became stressed due to school issues and it helped overcome her insomnia. She loved her soothing voice and story telling. Thank you so much.

  13. Louise

    I`ve used your CD and book with my daughter at a most painful time in our lives with remarkable results!!!

  14. Miss Lyle

    This is a relaxation skills CD aimed at children - it`s fantastic and I love to listen to it myself. My children listen to it at bedtime and it really works! I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone, not just children. Marneta is very skilled at what she does.

  15. Sharon Izod

    I bought this CDs last saturday for my 10 year old boy. Well, he has been listening to them everyday and I when I asked him what he thought about them, he said Mum, they are great, its so weird as when the lady said try not to move, he said I cant even move! Last Sunday, he was feeling anxious as he was going somewhere new. He said that he just thought about the CD and he repeated the words in his head and his fears went away. Well done to you for turning an idea into something positive and that is postively making a difference and helping children in their everyday life.