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Mood Cards

Cards to develop emotional literacy and positive thinking


This is a beautiful set of cards specially created to help develop children's self esteem.

Examples include: Today I will be happy like a bumble bee, Today I will be silent like snow, Today I will stand tall like a tree.

Mood Cards can be used to help children see and develop their qualities and strengths.

Children can choose a positive mood at the beginning of the day to help keep them happy and positive each day. They are a great way to introduce and instil good values and qualities to children from a young age.

This pack can be used at breakfast for a positive start to the day at bedtime to help feel positive. to help children before a hospital or dentist appointments for behavioural problems Circle time and SEAL in schools.

Mood Cards come in a Star Bag so you can lucky dip the cards, or keep them safe between uses!

The pack also includes a selection of games and activities to give you ideas of how to use this pack of mood cards.

Benefits of using these cards:

Increases positivity and optimism.
Improves listening skills
Improves self-esteem and positivity
Improves emotional health and literacy
Improves creativity and imagination
Supports emotional resilience

  1. Michaela

    I use these cards at the beginning of my yoga classes for children. The children are very receptive or the little messages and it sets the classes of in a very nice and mindful way! I would recommend these to anyone who works with children!

  2. Sally Ann Hart

    My daughter had a wonderful time working with these cards. I`m hopeful that their effect will be as strong for at least the remainder of the holidays!

  3. Sue Hambly

    I am a teacher working in nurture setting in a mainstream school. I have groups of children aged from 5 to 11 throughout the week. This term we have also started using the mood cards to talk about our feelings, and we choose a card to express our group feeling for the session. It is placed in a frame and referred to in the session. Other teachers have noticed the changes in some of our children as they return to class calmer and chilled, and several staff are regularly borrowing the cds to use at the end of a literacy or PE session. Fantastic.

  4. My son loves the cards and puts one in his blazer secretly when he has an exam.

  5. Karen

    To end the evening my daughter chose a card which was magic star. It had such a powerful effect on her general behaviour. I have already passed your name to several mums and will pass it to my daughter’s nursery tomorrow.

  6. Steffi

    My eldest son even loves these cards and puts one in his blazer secretly when he has an exam.