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Self Esteem

Help children feel confident and discover their true potential


This album is designed to help your child relax and feel good about themselves.

Confidence boosters such as relaxation, visual imagery, breathing exercises, affirmations, positive self-talk and visualisations are designed to help build a child's self esteem and feeling of self worth.

The tracks can been used to help children feel their own power and help give them strength to improve their behaviour. This album can also help children to overcome their self doubt and self depreciation and so feel more confident and self assure.

Examples include: looking into a magic mirror, appreciating valuable treasure, and looking into a crystal ball.

This album can be used at bedtime or before homework or designated Chill out times. The album can be used in the classroom before lessons, during Circle-Time or in the run up to exams to help pupils focus. The album can also be used by speech therapists, play therapists and therapists.

Benefits of using this album:
Improves sleep
Boosts immune system
improves concentration and focus
Improves listening skills
Improves self-esteem and positivity
Improves emotional health and literacy
Improves emotional resilience
Improves creativity and imagination
Improves ability to cope with stress and anxiety
Encourages mindfulness

Suitable for children ages 3-10

  1. Caroline

    I was so excited I just had to write to you and let you know that we used the Relax Kids ‘Self Esteem’ CD this evening with both my daughters and myself laying on the bed listening together. Both children take forever to settle at night, with really bad behaviour and running around, and general disobedience going on until sometime eleven at night and beyond. After just a couple of tracks, they were really enjoying them, taking time in between each track to describe how they felt to be sitting next to the shining star in the sky and coming up with the things they liked about themselves and each other. They loved the treasure chest track and were delighted when even their dad came and joined in for the last few exercises. The whole exercise, even for my cynical 11 year old was very uplifting with us all exchanging words of kindness and love to each other as both girls went happily off to bed. Best of all, I peeped in at them at 10pm and they were both fast asleep and no-one had gotten out of bed even once! Tonight, I am feeling positive and happy instead of sad and depressed. I really do think the Relax Kids CDs are amazing!

  2. A truly remarkable and wonderful experience for my daughter every night.

  3. Sherry Day

    Our daughter has become a much happier person and loves to share the positive energy that she has learned through using your CD, with those around her. For almost a year now, Relax Kids has become an important part of our everyday lives as a family.

  4. Alan Newman, Highly Specialist Systemic Psychotherapis

    I strongly recommend these products for all young people struggling to sleep, stay cool , and concentrate. There is nothing else like them out there! A must for all families and schools willing to try something new.

  5. Dr Julia Ronder MD Consultant Child and Adolescent Psyc

    This series of CDs is a huge asset to the self-help world. Every family with concerns should try them. These products fill a void in the world of therapeutic tools and teach skills needed by every young person today. Highly recommended.

  6. Sue Atkins - Poisitive Parents

    Self esteem is a vital part of growing up to be a happy, confident , well balanced adult and this CD will help your child relax and feel good about themselves easily and effortlessly. I highly recommend it.