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Little Stars

Helping young children relax and sleep


Help children feel calm and content with this beautiful CD.

This unique album has a series of simple relaxation exercises which seamlessly link into a song. It is restful and reassuring for young children and combines simple exercises with well known nursery rhymes.

To our knowledge, it is the only album that combines relaxation with songs.

Examples include relaxing like a bunny and sleeping bunny song and lying in a lovely garden with Lavenders Blue song.

Suitable for bedtime and nap time.

This album is ideal for nurseries, pre-school, activity classes and creches.

Suitable for babies and toddlers and children under 4

  1. Tina

    I love playing this new CD in our Relax Kids shop, I find it very calming and everyone who comes in loves it too. It's my favourite CD so far, though I love them all.

  2. Katt

    I've been playing this cd to my son before he was born, he is now 8 weeks and it really calms him. He got himself overtired the other night and for hours he was just crying and crying so I tried the cd. I rocked him for a few songs and then when he was quiet I laid him down with it and he was asleep. I would recommend this cd for young babies, I play it everynight before his bedtime now.