Help develop self-esteem and confidence.

FULL OF IMAGINATION This album is combines well-known fairy tales and meditation techniques to helps boost imagination and a feeling of calm and well-being. Children imagine they are the characters in the fairytales and go on relaxing journeys in their mind so enhancing their creativity and imagination. They imagine they are lying on Sleeping Beauty's bed and dreaming magical dreams, or they are the Little Mermaid swimming in the ocean or Snow White, still in the forest. These unique story-based relaxations incorporate visualisations, deep muscle relaxations, mindfulness and affirmations. This album is designed to engage your child while introducing them to relaxation and simple stress-management techniques whilst boosting their self-esteem and feeling of self-worth and confidence. These proven techniques encourage mental and emotional health and provide tools for children who suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety and worries. Parents can play this at bedtime or when children need to chill out after school. They can also listen on headphones during travelling. This album is also suitable to bring calm to the classroom. It is great for circle-time, after PE lessons or as part of creative writing lessons. It can also be used by therapists, child counsellors and play therapists. Benefits of using this album: Improves sleep Boosts immune system improves concentration and focus Improves listening skills Improves self-esteem and positivity Improves emotional health and literacy Improves emotional resilience Improves creativity and imagination Improves ability to cope with stress and anxiety Encourages mindfulness Suitable for children ages 4-10 (we have had reports that some older children and even adults love this album)

  1. Jas

    My children 7 and 13 love this CD. It is like magic whenever I play them - they just relax and are so peaceful. A few months ago my nephews( age 3 and 11) were visiting and the towards the end of the evening the children were all tired and getting quite agitated, so we listened to the CD. It was amazing as they listened to your voice all of them were in complete silence and it was so interesting they each wanted to pick a different character to be so we made an evening of it. My sister in law couldn’t believe the difference the cd made. Thank you again.

  2. Philippa

    I played the princess CD last night for the first time for my daughter (3 years old). She was asleep within 5 mins and no 2 son was out in 8 mins and then no 1 son was out in 10 mins...... My husband had an easy night with babysitting whilst I went off to Yoga! Its a definite hit in this household. `

  3. Vida, age 4

    I love the princess meditations. I listen to them at bedtime every night and they make me sleepy and make my dreams nice, every one of them. If I’m poorly or I have scary dreams I get the meditation book out. I even take it on sleepovers and on holiday!

  4. Imogen

    My favourite is the little mermaid because it reminds me of going to the aquarium with my mum and dad. I love the feeling of having a tail and flapping it and being free to swim wherever I want and for as long as I want without getting cold. I love the colour blue and the bit about the dolphin because it reminds me of seeing them jump into the water and playing with other dolphins and I can imagine that I am in the big blue sea and lots of nemos swimming around me. I like the music in the background and the soft voice talking slowly and I feel really relaxed that I don’t want to wake up from my dream.

  5. Rebecca

    I am so amazed at how this has worked - we have had years of trudging up and down stairs at bedtime trying to settle her. Thank you Relax Kids

  6. marie

    It was particularly successful with a year 3 class I taught a couple of years ago at helping to create a bond between them and a calmer environment.

  7. Rowena Fernandes

    I love this cd as much as my daughter (5). She easily relates to the beautiful and descriptive visualisations of the princesses. She puts it into practice by dressing up as a princess and conducting a relaxing session at home with her friends and family.

  8. Gail Smith

    my 5 year old daughter loves these short stories (2-3 mintues long)- they are beautiful meditation-type stories where the child is the princess and part of the story. I play one or two at bed-time and they really help improve the quality of her sleep and she no longer has bad dreams. I would definitely reconmmend them.

  9. Trisha

    My Twin 2 year old boys are really enjoying the Princes CD, I use to play them music every night which worked after a while but as soon as I had your CD they would sleep within 5 to 10 mins, unbelievable!! Really pleased and plan to get some more Relax kids products..thank you so much

  10. Georgina, age 6

    I like the stories. I like that you can imagine in your head that it is true. I wish it was true.