The Wishing Star

52 creative visualisations

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Written by Marneta Viegas - founder of Relax Kids, the Wishing Star is full of creative visualisations, meditations and relaxations. Children can imagine they are lying in soft grass, sitting in a peaceful cave, watching a beautiful sunset and flying like a bird.
The book is full of deep body relaxations, lovely nature inspired visualisations and fantasy story meditations. It is a great way to introduce meditation and mindfulness to young children.

The Wishing Star book is a highly imaginative and captivating book that holds children's attention while allowing them to relax. It is an invaluable bedtime and classroom tool. Each relaxation lasts around 4-5 minutes and is perfect to bring rest and calm to the room. The relaxations have been designed to help children relax and destress.

This book is designed to engage children while introducing them to relaxation and simple stress-management techniques. Relaxation strategies such as progressive muscle relaxation and visual imagery have been shown to be extremely effective treatment components for reducing stress and anxiety in children.

These story meditations are a wonderful way for children to explore learning and mindfulness. Children love to tell stories, role-play stories and teach others what they learn from stories. Research supports that mindful meditation calms the brain, inspires creativity and enhances cognitive and social-emotional skills.

Practiced regularly, these exercises can have a profound effect on children’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

This book can be used in the classroom to bring quiet and calm before lessons, during assemblies, PSHE classes, after PE and during wet play time.

This is a soft back book.

Benefits of using this book:
Improves sleep
Improves immune system(relaxation boosts immune system)
improves concentration and focus
Improves listening skills
Improves self-esteem and positivity
Improves emotional health and literacy
Improves creativity and imagination
Improves ability to cope with stress and anxiety
Supports emotional resilience