Anger Management

Tools to restore calm and manage energy

Tools to restore calm and manage energy

Anger Management


This CD is designed to help children relax and manage their anger.

They can imagine they stepping into a cooling pool, floating like a feather, melting and sitting in a peaceful cave. These relaxations aim to develop peace and calm as children are introduced to relaxation exercises and simple anger management techniques.

This CD can been used to help bring peace and calm to children as well as provide anger management tools for future outbreaks. It can also help promote empathetic skills and a positive expression of feelings. The CD also helps children feel their own power and helps give them the power to improve their behaviour.

Relaxation strategies such as progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, breathing exercises, positive self talk and visualisations have been shown to be extremely effective treatment components for reducing stress and tension in children and young people.

This CD can be used at bedtime or during Time Out or designated chill out times. It can also be used with headphones during journeys. The CD is suitable for use in the classroom during PSHE or Circle-Time to help pupils learn self regulation techniques. It can also be used by social workers, play therapists and therapists.

Benefits of using this album:
Improves sleep
Boosts immune system
improves concentration and focus
Improves listening skills
Improves self-esteem and positivity
Improves emotional health and literacy
Improves emotional resilience
Improves creativity and imagination
Improves ability to cope with stress and anxiety
Encourages mindfulness

Suitable for children ages 4-10

Tools to restore calm and manage energy .

Anger Management

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