We understand that the investment of training and starting your own business can seem daunting, but we now have the solution for you.

You can now split the startup investment into ten payments spread over as many months as you wish.

Each time you make a payment you'll get access to our pre-training resources to get you excited and ready for your training.

Resources include downloads, tasks, to do lists and more.

The 10 steps

Take the first step and we'll send you the exclusive Relax Kids WALL PLANNER to help you set your goals and visualise your journey ahead. You'll also get access to the Coach Portal that every Relax Kids coach uses.

From the portal you'll be able to download exclusive resources to help focus you, and learn important information that's going to help you set up your business, and become a coach.

When you're ready you can contact the office to choose your training date. You can do this at any time - and if the date is approaching and you're not ready, no problem.

There's no pressure to take a step each month. Do so when you're ready. Need a break? No problem. Want to take three steps next month? That's fine too.

Just give us 14 days notice and we can move you to a date that suits you.

PLEASE NOTE: The 10 -step payment plan is NOT training. It has been created to help you pay for the training in manageable instalments as well as help you get into the right mindset before your big training day. There is no charge for the WALL PLANNER - it is our gift to you. We want you to shine! - Please also be aware that any payments made are non-refundable, and you cannot attend the training dates themselves until you have paid in full.

Here's an overview of the ten steps:

  • Step 1 - Make a MOVE
  • Step 2 - CREATE your future
  • Step 3 - STRETCH ahead
  • Step 4 - SHARE the joy
  • Step 5 - CONNECT with others
  • Step 6 - IMAGINE your story
  • Step 7 - SELF-BELIEF starts here
  • Step 8 - COURAGE now
  • Step 9 - CONFIDENCE is yours
  • Step 10 - Time to SHINE

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"The support from everyone. I love that the coaches really ooze the purple magic and that's what makes the classes so special"

Laura Relax Kids Coach

Want to know more? no problem!

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Spread the learning : Spread the cost

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On the path

What makes Relax Kids different...

Established, recognised

Relax Kids has been growing since we started training almost 20 years ago. Our brand is trusted around the world and our product range includes best-sellers as well as brand new titles.

Flexible, adaptable

All our resources can be adapted for use in many different situations and environments.

Supportive, co-operative

Our experienced and varied tribe of coaches worldwide are all working towards the same goal.

Professional, organised

Our resources and manuals guide you through setting up your business and marketing yourself.

Affordable, fair

Unlike most franchises, we do not take a percentage of your income. We have a simple, affordable licence fee and you can take a break at any time.

Extensive, complete

Everything you need is on your portal. Take bookings online, sell products, manage your profile, download resources, consult your manuals...


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The Portal is included with all training packages

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