the seven steps that every Baby Mindful class is built on

Baby Mindful classes offer parents the chance to switch off from the outside world and find a place of peace, contentment and calm to simply enjoy being with their baby.

Baby Mindful classes incorporate our unique award-winning, 7 step approach, and include movement, play, gentle stretching, gentle baby touch, breathing exercises for parents, affirmations and visualisations / relaxation.

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How we're different...

Baby Mindful classes are different from other classes, instead of over stimulating young babies, they focus on calm and strengthening the bond between mother, or father and baby. Often new parents will not spend any time on their own self-care as their new baby becomes their sole focus. Baby Mindful classes are a wonderful way to nurture the bond but also give new parents a chance to really relax and soften.

We keep growing...

Baby Mindful is now growing like a beautiful happy baby and I am so pleased you are joining the team and helping give babies the best ever start in life, and parents the best start to parenthood - where they can enjoy some well needed self care.


The Relax Kids training has helped me find a new purpose in life. It’s fantastic knowing I can make a difference to children’s lives.


Our unique range of activities helps to stimulate and calm babies whilst helping their development.

Our mission is to give parents the tools they need to help them feel more calm and in control and bond with their baby. We support parents and carers and those working with infants through our quality resources, classes and training.

Benefits for babies:

Can help stimulate and calm whilst supporting their natural development.

Helps encourage their confidence and awareness along with their cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and physical development.

They can enjoy quiet and unhurried time with parents, which will enhance bonding.

Benefits for parents:

Supports parents to build a calm, safe, and soothing space where they can grow and transition into their new roles.

Get to spend quality time with their baby in a calming and supportive atmosphere where they will benefit from carefully designed exercises to help themselves relax, unwind, and feel more confident and grounded.

Can help parents learn how to respond to the 'dance of parenthood' from a place of feeling calm and centred.

Helps parents bond with their baby and support their development.

Provides an introduction to practical life tools that will be beneficial throughout their parenting journey.

To help parents become more aware of the link between their emotional state and that of their baby.

Encourages parents to realise that their needs are important too, and to recognise the value of nurturing themselves.

Encourages parents to believe that they have the "permission" to just stop and rest, and to take some time for themselves.

You don't need to have experience in yoga, meditation, mindfulness or teaching to join our training; although this is a bonus!

Our coaches are from all different backgrounds including: teachers, teaching assistants, parents, therapists, yoga instructors, nursery/kindergarten workers, social workers, special needs teachers, psychologists, learning support workers, behaviour management consultants, dance teachers, marketing co-ordinators, RSPCA inspectors, retail operators, administrators, journalists, tv producers and play therapists

The baby of the family

Baby Mindful is part of Relax Kids, an international company founded in 2000. We have been training and franchising for over 10 years - so rest assured we're good at what we do and we're not going anywhere!

  • The Baby Mindful course can be adapted for working with special needs.
  • Classes can used in a variety of settings such as hospitals, health care centres, community centres and homes.
  • Sessions have been designed by psychologists, teachers and therapists to help develop babies' confidence and awareness.
  • Classes are designed for parents wellbeing as well as babies'.
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Our resources and manuals guide you through setting up your business and marketing yourself.

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Unlike most franchises, we do not take a percentage of your income. We have a simple, affordable licence fee and you can take a break at any time.

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