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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Here is Relax Kids coach Tracey Bedford King sharing her story. Tracey has recently set up a Chill and Chat cafe with a Relax Kids space for children to relax in.

As a child I had very little confidence or self-esteem. I was bullied most days at school and did not have a great childhood. As an adult I was emotionally abused by my husband and felt I had very little worth. Eventually I made some changes in my life and ended my marriage. I still struggled with alcohol addiction but eventually overcame this through supportive friends. 
I wanted to do something more positive. I had begun working with children with special needs and felt like there was something more that I needed to do. I searched the internet for ways to help relax children and came across Relax Kids. I could not afford to do the course but desperately wanted to do it, and within a few weeks I received the exact amount that I needed for the course from the government which was apparently owed to me as they would been underpaying my benefits for a long time! 
Training as a Relax Kids coach slowly began to give me more confidence and build my self-esteem to the point where I was taking on roles in the community which I previously felt that I was not worthy of or capable of. 
I started a Bachelor degree in special needs which I have since graduated from and I have set up a community cafe called Chill and Chat cafe where other people can get experience and confidence.
Now, I have decided to stand as a councillor candidate in my local area as I want to be able to help more people to live better lives. 
If it was not for becoming a Relax Kids coach, I do not think I would have grown in confidence as I have done, and I really do not think that I would be doing all the work that I am doing in my community. 

Tracey Bedford-King

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Are you passionate about supporting parents and their babies?

Would you like to run magical classes that help parents bond with their newborn?

Are you ready to start up your own Baby Mindful business?

Train to be a Baby Mindful coach - next training May 15th and 22nd.

You can train to be a Baby Mindful coach and run classes for parents and babies as well as gentle relaxation classes for pregnancy.

Maybe you are a trained as a peadiatric nurse, infant massage therapist, yoga/mindfulness teacher or midwife, being a Baby Mindful coach will add to your existing skills set and take your work in a new direction.

As a Baby Mindful coaches, you will be running our gentle relaxation classes for babies and parents to help calm their nervous systems, support the development babies development and encourage secure bonding. At a time when parents are stressed, you would be providing a haven of calm where they can just relax and be.

Baby Mindful sessions incorporate our unique award-winning, 7 step approach and include movement, play, gentle stretching, gentle baby touch, breathing exercises for parents, affirmations and visualisations/relaxation. 

You can run these wellbeing classes in a variety of settings such as hospitals, health care centres, community centres and homes. 

Sessions have been designed by psychologists, teachers and therapists to help develop babies confidence and awareness. 

As a Baby Mindful coach, you will be:
Creating a calm and safe soothing space for parents (especially new parents) and helping them transition into their roles.
Encouraging young parents to spend quality time with their baby in a calming and supportive atmosphere.
Helping parents learn how to respond to their baby in a calm and relaxed way.
Helping parents understand how their emotional state affects their baby.
Encouraging parents to recognise their own needs and supporting them to nurture themselves.
Giving parents an opportunity to relax and just be with their baby.
Helping to both stimulate and calm babies whilst supporting their natural development.
Encouraging parents to spend quiet unhurried time with their parents and so enhance their bonding.
Supporting babies natural development. 
Helping support the cognitive, communicative, social, emotional as well as physical development of babies.

Read Amy and Emmas experience of coming to Baby Mindful classes as new mothers
I started coming to baby mindfulness when my wee boy was 3 months old. Working in mental health, mindfulness was something that I was passionate about integrating into my daily life. However, I will admit that despite my knowledge and experience, as a first time mum I found it incredibly hard to be mindful in the early days and constantly worried about whether I was doing a good enough job.

Baby Mindful classes to allow you to take time out to just focus on you and your baby which helps you to put the crappy day you had yesterday behind you and feel more optimistic about the day ahead, even if you and your baby are going through a challenging phase! The exercises help you to become more in tune with your mind and body which helps you to become more in tune with your baby and just take each moment as it comes. 

I always feel calmer and more confident after classes and look forward to returning for the next block - Emma

We started way back when Rosie was only 3 months old and since then it really id the highlight of our Monday! I started as a very nervous new mum and this class allowed me to relax and grow in confidence every week.

It makes you stop in your whirlwind of a new busy life, and appreciate time with just you and you baby. It clears your mind of the What if? thoughts. And allows you to feel I am enough and I am a good mum! and to me that is the most important and rewarding thing of all. We cannot wait for our next block to begin in a few weeks time - Amy

Our Baby Mindful coach training will be running online on Saturday May 15th and Saturday May22nd

Please email training@relaxkids.com for more information.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


My name is Roger and I have been a Relax Kids coach since September 2020 to say that it has been an interesting experience would be a slight understatement! 

I did my training with Aislinn in Manchester on February 1st 2020 when the world was a completely different place. I remember vividly, wandering from my hotel room down High Street past a cafe through a bustling city centre to grab a chicken doner and chips from the Turkish Grill (you can take the boy out of Newcastle and all that). Nobody that night had any idea what was coming furthermore the coaches doing the training the following day could not have predicted how important our work was going to become in the era of COVID.

My journey to Relax Kids was after 15-years in primary education and was sparked by returning to the UK from a stint working at the British School of Amsterdam. For almost three years I had lived in a school bubble where children had time and space to express themselves. The culture of the country and the school meant that wellness was further up the agenda and children had more freedom and time to explore and express themselves. This was in stark contrast to the pace at which modern UK primary schools work where the demand on all staff and pupils is huge. 

However, starting my own business in the midst of a global pandemic did not seem like the wisest thing to do and I almost committed to another year of teaching but after receiving encouragement from my family and my school I went for it. This is not normal behaviour on my part, I am very risk averse by nature. I saw the academic year out and started delivering Relax Kids sessions in September 2020 as planned and I have not looked back.

When schools were fully open my in-person sessions had to be COVID-secure which involved a lot of extra preparation in terms of hygiene and risk assessments which took time and money initially but once I was set up the in-person sessions went really well and the feedback was positive. This was at the beginning of what is now a year of measures and the need for what we do is even greater. 

Now we are in a place where many children have not had consistent school for months; parents are balancing work and home-schooling; meeting friends is not possible and there seems to be only a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. Tensions are high. What has kept me going is my online sessions and the feedback from children and parents. From January, I have been building my online presence and gaining confidence in delivering sessions through Zoom, Teams and Google Meet. The feedback about children looking forward to the next session, wanting a session again the next day and parents telling me that it was the first time in months that their child had been relaxed has really validated the choice I made back in February 2020.

I often read the Coaches Chat on Facebook and there are so many coaches out there who are in that place I found myself a couple of months ago. Scared to take the plunge. There is so much support out there for you from fellow coaches who will support you in the most amazing ways to give you the confidence or just a gentle push to go for it. 

The impact you can make is priceless and the only cost is a little faith in yourself. Your role as a coach is going to become even more important in the post-COVID landscape; now is the time to make those connections with local schools and community groups. 

Go for it!

Monday, February 22, 2021