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Supporting Children During Lockdown

Do you know any (key worker) children who are anxious about going back to school

Do you have children at home who are anxious about the current situation and upset about not being in school?

Here are some tools and techniques to help children feel more calm and in control.

Please share with other parents.

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Starting on January 11th, for the next 4 weeks, we will be sharing a relaxation exercise, tip and affirmation each week day on our Facebook and Instagram pages to help families feel more calm and relaxed during lockdown.

Feel free to check our Facebook page at 7.30am (UK time) for a free exercise, noon for a lunchtime affirmation and 2pm for a tip of the day. 

Also tune in LIVE at 4pm every week day on the Relax Kids official page for some calming relaxation and fun with Marneta.

Hope you enjoy the next month of relaxation with us.

Monday, January 11, 2021


Do you need more meditation and relaxation in your life?

Would you like to use meditation to help you manage the ongoing changes and difficulties of lockdown?

There are so many benefits of meditation including feeling more calm and clear and boosting yourimmune system.

We have set up a meditation group to support parents with LIVE meditations at 6.30am and 9 or 10pm (UK time) Monday to Friday. 

Please do join and if you cannot make the time, you can always catch up later. 

I started meditating with Marneta 6 weeks ago and it only feels like two! I feel I have changed in many ways! Marnetas technique is like no other I have tried before! Having suffered from anxiety since a child I have finally put a lid on it!!!!! If I cannot sleep or if I feel anxious I reiterate what she has said and I automatically feel calm! Understanding and feeling the light is a magical force that everyone deserves to feel! Shona 

I am grateful for the setting up of this meditation group by Marneta. I love the connection I have with this group of like minded individuals who collectively come together in the mornings and evenings. The meditation helps me feel focused calm and grounded and in the current climate I am so grateful to Marneta for seeing the need to reach out and share this meditation with us. At a time when there are rising mental health issues I would highly recommend others to join in a practice of meditation as a practical way of helping oneself. Edel

I love this group. I have found it really beneficial to get into a routine of sharing the beautiful calming energy of meditation with other like minded souls. I am very grateful to Marneta for having the foresight in setting this group up and sharing her meditation wisdom daily at a time where the world needs to radiate more love and light to break through the darkness of covid. Ann
Join the group here: Daily Meditation

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Tea Break and Coffee Break CDs

Helping Parents Take a Break

After two decades of producing meditations for children and we have been inundated with requests to create CDs for adults.
After a long wait, our two Limited Edition CDs for adults are here! 
Tea Break - calming relaxations and Coffee Break - energising meditations.
Take some time out, inset your retro biscuit CD into your retro CD player and take your mind back to calmer days.
The CDs aim to support adults mental health and wellbeing by encouraging regular moments of calm. 

We know you will love them.

You can purchase the CDs here: Tea Break and Coffee Break CDs

Monday, January 4, 2021

Christmas Special

Dec 1st 7pm-9pm (UK time)
Join us for a FREE fun evening of short 10 min workshops, demonstrations, activities and tips to bring calm and comfort to your family this winter.
Prize draws/freebies throughout the evening
(Suitable for all parents)

Workshops include:
  • Winter activites with Claire Balkind from Lockdown tips and ideas
  • Hugging to change your childs brain
  • Self-care for parents
  • 5 tips to boost your familys immunity
  • Building strong Christmas rituals
  • Sleeping tips and better bedtime routines
  • Quick stress relievers
  • Using massage with the family
  • Making positive crackers and calm jars
  • Supporting anxiety
  • Creating calm corners and Christmas circles
Please invite your friends and share

Thursday, November 26, 2020