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Limited Edition Relaxation CDs for Adults
After years of being asked for adult CDs, we are finally releasing our new Just Relax (for adults) Tea Break - calming meditations and Coffee Break - energising meditations. 

The Limited Edition albums, written by Marneta Viegas (Relax Kids founder) are jam packed with beautiful visualisations set to calming music by Stuart Hall.

The CDs aim to support adults mental health and wellbeing by encouraging regular moments of calm. 

Please support us so we can get these lovely albums in time for Christmas.

Friday, October 9, 2020

New Project for Teens

We have been working on a new project to support teens wellbeing and are delighted to announce our new crowdfunding project.

PowerUp is a HiiT program for the Mind - short bursts of mental exercises to help teens focus and build mental resilience.

This is can be used by teachers, social workers, parents/carers and anyone working with teens.

Please support this project so we can go to print with this.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Happiness in Your Home

With the current situation and winter coming, it is even more important to keep spirits high and inject some positivity and happiness into your home.

Due to popular request, our Happiness CD is now available as an MP3 and ideal for sparking off your familys daily relaxation routine.

You can order the MP3 here: Elevator of Happiness MP3

Friday, October 9, 2020

How to create a Chill Out Corner or Creativity Den

It is so important for children to have a safe place to retreat to, a place where they can relax and dream so they feel safe and calm.

I remember making a den in the spare room with my little sister. We would get old mattresses, sheets and cardboard boxes and create this wonderful place where we could relax and chill out. I loved spending time with her in that den. It was the basis for many stories and adventures. We packed a string bag full of oranges and digestive biscuits and would go on an explorations and adventures around the house, always coming back for a well earned rest and spot of relaxation. 

Most children love creating dens and places where they can hide, escape, be alone or with friends. If you have a spare room, you may like to offer that they create a creativity den in that room or a corner of their bedroom. In the summer, you can hang sheets from the washing line in the garden and take out cushions and blankets to lie on. You could even hang sheets from a tree to create a den, holding them down with stones. Let your childs imagination go wild with large cardboard boxes and old sheets. The main thing is that they create a place that they feel comfortable with.

Once children are in their creativity den, they can play, draw, model, write, paint or just day dream. Being still and daydreaming is great for your childs concentration and imagination. They will probably enjoy some creative play, especially if they are under 5. 

I have had feedback from many parents that the Relax Kids CDs have often increased childrens creative play as they have started to enact what they saw in their imagination. 

If you are creating a Chill out Corner in the living room, you may like to drape fairy lights or buy some battery operated tealights to create an atmosphere. You could also spray some lavender oil into the room and set up a CD player with headphones. 

Try to find a time when all the family can stop and spend a few moments in the Chill Out Corner. 

8 Activities for the Chill Out Corner 
1 Spend 5 minutes give each other a relaxing shoulder rub
2 Take a warm drink or fresh juice to the Chill out Corner and have a peaceful drink together, chatting about anything your child would like to talk about
3 Get some lavender hand cream and treat each other to a relaxing hand massage
4 Listen to some soft jazz or classical music together
5 Girls particularly, love having their hair brushed and played with. Spend some minutes brushing each others hair and giving a head massage
6 Read a story together(try one of the Relax Kids books), or let your child practice his reading in the Chill out Corner
7 Take in a few breaths together
8 Stay as still and quiet as possible and listen to the sounds in the room 

Listening to Relax Kids in the Chill out Corner 
All of the Relax Kids CDs/MP3s are perfect for the Chill Out Corner, but Quiet Spaces or Relax and SLEEP are a great choice as they are packed with meditations that take children into a deep state of relaxation. 

Links to MP3s and CDs
Quiet Spaces and Relax and SLEEP MP3s - Relax Kids MP3s
Quiet Spaces CD - Relax Kids CDs

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Relax and Sleep MP3 - Available to order now!

Does your child worry and get anxious at bedtime? SLEEPING PROBLEMS?
Are you tired of spending hours waiting for your child to fall asleep?
Has lockdown affected your childs sleeping patterns?
Here is a calming solution to bedtime worries.

Relax and Sleep MP3
Guided visualisations for a restful sleep.
We have selected the best Relax Kids tracks to help your child have a good nights sleep. This remix compilation gives children tools and techniques to help them feel calm, self-soothe and drift off to sleep.
Relax Kids have been putting millions of children to sleep for twenty years and we have compiled all our best sleep tracks in one audio to help guide your child into a restful and relaxing sleep.
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Thursday, October 1, 2020