Just Relax

Join Aislinn for a 6 week block of classes, for adults only.

"Just Relax?" Is it really that easy? Well, no. Like anything important, it takes time, practice and commitment to really learn how to relax properly. How many of us see "switching off" as being in front of the TV with a glass of wine in the evening? Or going to the gym? But are we really giving our minds and bodies a rest from the stresses of modern life?

As parents or professionals, we spend so much time giving to others: our time, our energy, our love and compassion. But how much of these things do we really give to ourselves? Can you keep on giving, if you don't replenish your own cup once in a while?

Come along to a class and find out how we can bring meaningful relaxation into your day.


Single Class: £6.00
Book the whole programme for: £36.00

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