Relax Kids workshops give pupils valuable tools that help support their emotional health and wellbeing. Through relaxation, mindfulness and self-esteem exercises, we encourage pupils to see their strengths, be more resilient, develop their self-confidence and positivity, growth mindset and 'can do' attitude. Sessions also improve focus and attention therefore improves learning and attainment. Pupils learn about feelings and how manage difficult emotions. Sessions teach pupils to self-regulate which in turn reduces anger outbursts and low self-esteem.

Incorporating Relax Kids into your school will have a positive impact,
which will be shown throughout school and community

Regular Relax Kids sessions help pupils be:
Calmer and more focused
More aware of each other
More caring
and so there is reduced bullying imaginative and creative confident and aware of their abilities positive about themselves and others more mindful and aware

Teachers also note that their classroom is quieter and calmer
and they feel less stressed

In a 3 year Pilot, Sylvester School in Knowsley, reduced
exclusions from 19 to zero using Relax Kids daily

Relax Kids sessions include:
Movement and exercise
Mindfulness games and exercises
Stretching exercises
Peer/self massage
Breathing exercises
Positive affirmation games
Visualisation, meditation, relaxation and mindfulness