ChargeUp! sessions help teens and young people understand and manage their emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

ChargeUp! sessions give young people mindful tools to help self-regulate
Sessions can help:
Reduce stress and anxiety
Improve sleep
Improve mental health and wellbeing
Increase self awareness and empathy
Improve learning and performance
Increase attention, focus and concentration
Improve self-esteem
Increase resilience and assertiveness

ChargeUp! sessions cover a wide range of topics from self-awareness, sleep hygiene, to consent and boundaries and stress management. Sessions follow our tried and tested 7-step system and include interesting activities, exercises and games to encourage learning, skill acquisition and reinforcement of concepts. Activities provoke teenagers to think about a range of life skills; from self-awareness, sleep, hygiene, to consent and boundaries and stress management

ENERGISE ~ Movement exercise to for energy- management
CONNECT ~ Ice-breaker games for social connection
EXTEND ~ Simple stretches for energy for stress- management
RECONNECT ~ Peer/self massage for self-awareness and empathy
FLOW ~ Breathing exercises for self-regulation
REBOOT ~ Positive affirmations for focus and concentration
RECHARGE ~ Relaxation and visualisation for stress release and deep relaxation