Baby Mindful 1 (0-6m)

Baby Mindful 1 is for new babies and introduces calming, mindful activities such as singing and gentle stretches and strokes. I incorporate time in for parents to breath, pause and take time to focus on the self. Using movement, song and games and relaxing into some stretches and nurturing strokes with baby. Followed by Breath and Play ...introducing calming breathing techniques that can be done together, positive self take and listening to visualisation - all with baby!

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    All classes in this programme have now passed.

Meet the coach, Sherrie

Hi, I'm Sherrie. I am a Relax Kids Coach in York.I am a mum of a 4 year old and a six year old and my back ground is in working with children, young people and families which is a career which has span for 25years now! I am passionate about positive mental health and how relaxation and good self esteem are crucial elements to this I run many community sessions in York and cover all ages starting in pregnancy and with parents and babies 0-6months , 3-4 year olds, primary school age, teenagers and also adults. I also take private bookings and have run sessions for teenagers with disabilities and additional needs (Choose 2) in a Private Nursey (HoneyPots) and a session for the residents of a residential home.


It's hard to say too much as I wasn't in any of the sessions only dropping off and collecting my daughter from the sessions she attended but the impression I get is that Sherrie is wonderful. She is warm and friendly and welcoming but just the right amount - sometimes my daughter doesn't respond well to adults who are 'too much' and make a big fuss of her and ask loads of questions, but Sherrie was able to recognise my daughter is quite shy in new situations and draw her in and make her feel at ease. I think it is great and really important that she is flexible, and said that it would be ok for parents to stay in the room if that helped out initially, although I didn't do that it was really nice to know that was an option. I really trust her that if there was a situation in the session that my daughter didn't respond well too, or refused to get involved in that Sherrie would be great about it, I am sure she would be calm and not pushy and let her do things at her own pace but giving gentle encouragement, that was the impression I got from what I saw and feedback from my daughter over the weeks. When Sherrie felt a group wasn't the right environment for my daughter she talked to me about it and suggested some options, and importantly, encouraged me to go and discuss it with my daughter, and I am really thankful to her for that.


Sherrie is so kind, friendly and welcoming when you go to Relax Kids. My 2 boys have been to a few of the courses and really enjoyed themselves, had fun and learned new skills that they have used outside the sessions. Mindfulness, relaxation and learning to think positively about yourself is such an important skill that is overlooked and Relax Kids has helped us all to do this in times of stress or worry. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and Sherrie is a wonderful, genuinely caring coach. Thank you!