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Meet the coach, Lorna

Hi There,

I am so passionate about what I do as I want to help others especially children so they can learn from a young age how to keep themselves relaxed and resilient with skills for life. I have been practising meditation and yoga for the last 28 years. On my journey of growth Ive trained and qualified as a massage therapist, a yoga teacher, a Relax Kids coach and I am currently training to be a psychotherapist. I've always used fun relaxation practices with my own 2 young children. Through my own first hand personal experience Ive developed a deep appreciation of the importance of relaxation to your physical, emotional and mental health.

I have a heartfelt passion to help and support others to be relaxed, calm and confident and be relaxed was set up to bring all that I offer together. Being relaxed and knowing how to be relaxed is I believe key to happiness and reaching our full potential. We should I think all feel relaxed, safe, protected, happy and confident and have the tools and techniques to help manage when things in life go topsy turvy. My aim is to provide simple yet effective self care techniques for relaxation, mindfulness and stress management in a very fun, imaginative, mindful way. These and a positive outlook I believe are keys to good mental health, self esteem and emotional resilience to feel happier, positive and empowered and lead an enriching life.

Any questions at all please do let know.

Best wishes,