Back to Calm

As the new term begins children may be finding it difficult to adjust. Join me on a Back to Calm Adventure to learn how to use the Relax Kids Purple Magic to feel calm, resilient and to embrace change with positivity.

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    All classes in this programme have now passed.

Meet the coach, Louisa

Hello I am Louisa from Blooming Daffodils.

I am a Relax Kids Coach in Warrington and surrounding areas.

I help children to become aware of their emotions and feelings and learn relaxation techniques to manage these feelings so that they can become calm and confident and able to cope in these chaotic times.

I have also been a teacher for 15 years I have worked with many children and families in various academic and pastoral roles and now I want to bring my two worlds together.

I first found Relax Kids as a parent and our coach helped my daughter cope and become more in control of her feelings following an abusive relationship. So now as a Relax Coach I want to share the Purple magic with as many young people and their families as possible.

Together we can all Relax, Thrive and Learn.