Brilliant me Community classes 7-9 yrs

5 weekly fun relaxation classes celebrating who they are. Learning about their body & brain and linking their emotional wellbeing to their self-care. Being happy and healthy too. Children aged 7-9. Bookings in blocks of 5 with half term in the middle then another 5 block starting in November. Discount is given when all 10 are booked. COVID guidelines in place. 5 children per class. Held in East Oakley Village hall Oakley.

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  • Programme Cost: £40.00
  • Class 1 - Thursday 12 November 17:00
  • Class 2 - Thursday 19 November 17:00
  • Class 3 - Thursday 26 November 17:00
  • Class 4 - Thursday 03 December 17:00
  • Class 5 - Thursday 10 December 17:00

Meet the coach, Jo

Hi, I'm Jo. I am in Oakley and surrounding areas with my Relax kids coaching. I am looking forward to helping my local children to realise just how great they are. How they can be control of their emotions and just accept other people for who they are. Emotional intelligence and resilience are key to a healthy mind and body. We know so much more now about mental health that relaxes kids I think was way ahead of its time in 2000 when Marneta founded it. I qualified over a year ago and now I am getting into my stride and hoping to have a great personal development journey too! Mental health as we all know is so prolific and we are finally getting there with Schools and parenting skills to help assist our children's needs. I love doing this and I very grateful for it finding me. Having worked with children for over 18 years. Recently in a wonderful primary School and previously in local Nursery settings. I have noticed that each year the children are becoming more and more stressed quickly and have higher expectations on their shoulders and sometimes beyond their developmental needs. so us coaches are here to help by just giving back to them a few simple basic relaxation tips and calming the thoughts down that give them their worries and anxiety. I hope I can be of some help to your child/ren and you.