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Would you like to support teenagers through one of the biggest journeys in their life- the transition to becoming a young adult? 

Do you feel the support systems in place for teenagers aren't enough? 

Are you passionate about really making a difference? 

The ChargeUp franchise is suitable for those wanting to do something unique, rewarding and enjoyable. The package gives you the tools to start your own business and hold ChargeUp classes with confidence and competence. 

The ChargeUp programme comprises of lessons that focus on helping teens understand and manage their emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Sessions cover a wide range of topics from self-awareness, sleep, hygiene, to consent and boundaries and stress management.

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'I would highly recommend this inspiring and detailed resource to any professional wanting to facilitate and promote increased self-determination in young people' -Rose Conway, Occupational Therapist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist