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Sheet of Star Stickers

Inspiring positivity and self-esteem

  1. Kim

    These stickers are so great! Better than normal stars and my children love collecting them. They collect 10 stickers and then get a treat.

  2. Polly Waterbury

    It is a general fact - all children LOVE stickers. The children in my class love receiving these star stickers. It boosts their confidence and self-esteem and gets them talking about positive qualities. I have made a Chart at home for my two children. Each time they do well, or do something good, they get a star sticker. When they have collected 10 stickers, they have a treat of their choice....within reason of course!!!

  3. Rachel

    My children love these stickers and use them on letters, books, bags - everything. I even found one on my pillow the other day!

  4. Nathan

    My stars and stickers have helped me when i go to school, if i am not so confident one day the confident star i carry in my pocket helps me to try to be confident. My teacher knows what star i want to be each day, these are really great.


    The children in my class love the stickers. I some times stick them on the children while they are relaxing so that when they sit up they have a lovely surprise of the star that i have chosen for them. They are brilliant for boosting self esteem.

  6. Nell Lutter

    The children love receiving these colourful stickers - thank you for such a great resource

  7. Iain T

    Nice variety on the stickers, a re useable chart would be better though. Nice product either way.