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Folded Star Poster

Poster to inspire positivity

PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL BE FOLDED and there will be fold lines.


This is a great way to help children grow up with self esteem, confidence and feeling great about themselves.

Teach children at a young age to believe that they are special and unique and have an array of great qualities.

Children can look at the poster and pick out which star they want to be each day - a happy star, special star, friendly star, super star.

A perfect way to help children create positive moods and feelings.

This would make a lovely gift and will cheer up any bedroom or classroom, a wonderfully positive resource for any school or family. You can also place it low down on the wall with a cushion in front. Children can look at the stars and choose which one they need as a form of meditation.

Children can mark which Star they want to be with a watersoluable pen and wipe it off at a later date.

Watch children grow with confidence and self-esteem with this colourful poster!

Suitable for children 3-8

  1. Anna age 6

    I like the poster it makes me want to be the star every day and makes me feel good

  2. Laura Charles

    I have just received the two posters and would just like to say a huge thank you - they are absolutely wonderful.. I have bought them for my two nieces as an Easter gift and I just know that they are going to love them!! They will also be a change from the usual 15 Easter eggs which they are likely to get.

  3. Sue Whidborne

    I use this poster in my classroom. When children are feeling upset, they go to the poster and choose the star that they think they need to make them feel better and more positive and come back to my desk and take a star sticker. It works like magic and such a great way to teach qualities and values to children

  4. Clemmy

    I am so pleased that Relax Kids have created this poster. My children are constantly subjected to the media and are growing up to believe that looks and status are the most important thing. This poster helps them understand that kindness and friendliness and generosity are so much more valuable!

  5. Clemmy

    My daughter loves having this poster in her room. She runs up to it in the morning and chooses what star she wants to be and then tells me when she comes home how she was that star! It is lovely to watch