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Pants of Peace

Packed full of relaxations, meditations and positive affirmations to help your child feel calm and confident. Each meditation focusses on one quality such as confidence, love and kindness.

An innovative book that helps children get in touch with a wide range of inner qualities and values through creative meditation and affirmations exercises.

Examples include shoe of confidence, cloak of protection, pen of appreciation and hat of happiness.

Each meditation takes a positive quality or value and shows children in a creative and imaginative way how to develop that quality to improve their own life. This book encourages children to enjoy moments of calm and also helps develop their imaginations in a world of electronic gadgets.

Pants of Peace is perfect for parents and teachers to read with children. The exercises are a toolkit to help develop children's mental health and well-being.

Regular listening to these simple meditations can help children become more self -aware, positive and confident.

This book can be used at home to help children relax or in the classroom.

This is a soft back book.

Ages 6+