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A Monster Handbook

A toolkit of strategies and exercises to help children manage BIG feelings.

An interactive, part work book part activity toolkit that helps children tame and train their monster emotions. The Monster Handbook is written in a scrap book style and is bursting with positive exercises and activities to help children understand and work with their emotions. Each chapter covers a different monster feeling such as sadness, anger, anxiety and worry. The book is written in child language and so would be easily accessible to young families. The book is designed to be an ongoing toolkit to help children feel more in control of their emotions and feelings. It can also be used in the classroom and by therapists.
This is a soft back book. Suitable for Ages 5-9.

  1. Emily (7)

    A Monster Handbook review: I like the pictures in the book, but I also like that there is space to draw your own, so you can make it look like your own monster. The bits for adults are important, because it shows adults what to do and how they can help. The monsters to cut out are very helpful. If you are feeling frustrated at school because you can’t do something, having your angry monster on your desk will help you remember to breathe and be friends. If you are lonely in the playground, having your lonely monster with you can help you to feel happier. The idea of choosing your superpower to help your monster is great – you can choose for yourself how to make your monster feel better. This book is brilliant – it can work for little kids as well as older ones. It is easy to understand and I think it will be very helpful.