Anxiety and Worry
Anxiety and Worry

Help banish the worry monsters!

PACKED WITH CALM This album is designed to help children manage their worries and anxieties. Children imagine they are standing at the top of a mountain, floating on a balloon and creating positive mental pictures. This album aims to develop peace and calm as children are introduced to relaxation and simple anxiety management techniques. Exercises such as progressive muscle relaxation, visual imagery, mindfulness, positive affirmations and breathing techniques have been used to help reduce stress and anxiety in children. It can be used with children who are struggling with family issues such as divorce and bereavement. Relaxation strategies have been shown to be extremely effective treatment components for reducing anxiety and worry in children and young people. These tracks can been used to help bring peace and calm as well as provide stress and anxiety management tools. This album can also help children to overcome their fears, anxious thoughts and shyness and so feel more confident and self assured. This album can be used at bedtime or before homework or stressful situations, or even designated Chill out times. It can be played on headphones during journeys or trips to hospitals and dentists. It can be used in the classroom before lessons, during Circle-Time or in the run up to exams to help pupils feel less anxious. The album can also be used by speech therapists, social workers, play therapists and therapists. Benefits of using this album: Improves sleep Boosts immune system improves concentration and focus Improves listening skills Improves self-esteem and positivity Improves emotional health and literacy Improves emotional resilience Improves creativity and imagination Improves ability to cope with stress and anxiety Encourages mindfulness Suitable for children ages 3-10.

  1. Margaret

    Another fantastic relaxation CD aimed at children but useful for everyone. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone. Especially useful when you come home after a busy day and lie awake worrying about everything!

  2. Emily Cheaney

    From the first night of using the CD one of my boys had the best day in school that he has ever achieved. His anxiety levels have dropped and he is generally much calmer. We have been using them for nearly two weeks now and I guarantee they are asleep by track 3/4. No promises it will last but so far so good.

  3. Sue Atkins - Positive Parents

    Self esteem is a vital part of growing up to be a happy, confident , well balanced adult and this CD will help your child relax and feel good about themselves easily and effortlessly. I highly recommend it.

  4. Marilyn

    We received the CD in mail last week and it is fabulous. My son, who is 12, gets anxious at night when he tries to quiet down to go to sleep. Instead of relaxing it is often the time when he thinks of everything from his day; what didn`t go right, what he may have forgotten, what worries him in the future etc The night we got the CD he played it at bedtime and it calmed him down and he drifted off to sleep. The second night, he asked his sister to listen to it with him before she went to bed because he thought it was so helpful. It is totally working for him. Over the weekend, our family started to get into a heated debate over dinner. He went up to his room, got the CD and asked us all to sit around the living room, listen to it and relax. We did and it was great. We picked the conversation back up with renewed peace of mind later on and resolved our issue. I am about to order another. I really do think the Relax Kids CDs are amazing!

  5. Dr Julia Ronder MD Consultant Child and Adolescent Psyc

    This series of CDs is a huge asset to the self-help world. Every family with concerns should try them. These products fill a void in the world of therapeutic tools and teach skills needed by every young person today. Highly recommended.

  6. amie

    Children have improved sleep, improved attitude and reduced anxiety.

  7. Sue Atkins - Positive Parents

    Anxiety, stress and worry is one of the biggest problems of the 21st century and can lead to depression, low self esteem as well as binge drinking and drug taking later in life. So this CD is a wonderful way to teach your children how to manage their stress and anxieties naturally through simple relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques. I highly recommend you buy one NOW!

  8. Caroline

    Victoria is now going to sleep within around 3 tracks (i.e. alomost 10 minutes) whereas previously she was pacing the floor for up to 2 hours!

  9. Leanne

    Another big thank you for a fab product. 9 year old was upset and worrying last night about grandparents poorly dog. Put on the Relax - Worry CD and she was asleep in no time and was full of praise for it this morning. She particularly liked the balloon floating away with her worries attached and the picture that you create and step into :) Great Products!

  10. Sarah Brackley

    My son went to sleep within 10 minutes of me playing the CD to him. It was amazing!