Quiet Spaces
Quiet Spaces

Relaxing meditations to encourage deep rest and reassurance.

PACKED FULL TO THE BRIM WITH CALM A calming selection of meditations to encourage deep rest and reassurance. This album is full of deep body relaxations which help children feel calm and quiet naturally. This album is designed to relax children while introducing them to simple stress-management and mindfulness techniques. The relaxations incorporate breathing exercises, visualisations, muscle relaxations and affirmations. These proven techniques encourage mental and emotional health and provide tools for children who suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety and stress. Parents can play this at bedtime or when children need to chill out after school. They can also listen on headphones during travelling. Quiet Spaces has been used successfully in classrooms and hospitals. It has been used by children to help pain management, during MRI scans and to help them prepare for invasive procedures. Also great for dentist appointments. This album is also suitable to bring calm to the classroom. It is great for circle-time, after PE lessons or as part of creative writing lessons. It can also be used by therapists, child counsellors and play therapists. Benefits of using this album: Improves sleep Boosts immune system improves concentration and focus Improves listening skills Improves self-esteem and positivity Improves emotional health and literacy Improves emotional resilience Improves creativity and imagination Improves ability to cope with stress and anxiety Encourages mindfulness Suitable for children ages 4-12

  1. Mrs L Villiers

    My 5 and 7 year old like the relax kids cds I think this one is nice as its not gender specific. The voice is nice and melodic just the right tone to help them off to sleep. I have reccommended this to quite a few friends as when the girls have sleep overs their friends go home and speak about it to their parents.

  2. D.Harrison

    This CD often helps to get my five year old daughter off to sleep at bedtime or in the middle of the night after she has woken up from a bad dream. Would definitely recommend it.

  3. Sarah

    We are having a wonderful time listening and playing it each day. Taliyah is even asking for the Cd when we arent going for Nap or sleep time, and I am enjoying the relaxing voice of Marneta. Its wonderful, I am really looking forward to experimenting with more of your products and sharing the good words that you have created. Beautiful.

  4. Sue Ridings

    I have been using the Nature CD daily with my class of 7-11 year olds for 2 years. All children have Autistic diagnosis. I use the CD in the Late afternoon - 2:30pm as it helps the children settle, before home-time and/or mid morning before the bedlam which school lunchtime can bring!

  5. Sian

    Last night Tom (age 2) fell asleep while I was sitting on the bed reading your book. Tonight, after some gentle persuasion, Tom fell asleep on his own listening to your CD Quiet Spaces. I`m soooo pleased, previously he wasn`t happy unless I was lying in bed with him while he clambered, chattered and sang himself to sleep! Thank you.

  6. D Harrison

    This CD often helps to get my five year old daughter off to sleep at bedtime or in the middle of the night after she has woken up from a bad dream. Would definitely recommend it.

  7. Stacey Brierly

    I have to say that this is fabulous; a friend recommended you, and my children (one of whom is autistic) cant help but get totally involved and drift gently off to sleep. Wonderful and I shall be getting more.

  8. Penny Linton

    Bath - time has become less traumatic

  9. Paula Drummond

    Many parents have commented on how quickly their children have settled.

  10. Mrs Wilder

    My daughter has had several hospital admissions and this Relax Kids CD really help her to relax before painful procedures and operations.