Help building imagination and creativity

FULL OF CREATIVITY Children will be captivated as they listen to this calming selection of meditations that have been specifically written to help them manage stress and anxiety and help them sleep. This album combines all the favourite fairytales with simple relaxation exercises to help children relax and feel calm. They imagine they are the characters in the fairytales and go on relaxing journeys in their mind so enhancing their creativity and imagination. Examples include: flying on Aladdins magic carpet, climbing Jacks beanstalk and sailing like Sinbad the sailor. Superheroes is designed to engage children whilst introducing them to relaxation and simple stress-management techniques. These unique story relaxations incorporate visualisations, muscle relaxations, mindfulness and affirmations. These proven techniques encourage mental and emotional health and provide tools for children who suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety and worries. Parents can play this at bedtime or when children need to chill out after school. They can also listen on headphones during travelling. This album is also suitable to bring calm to the classroom. It is great for circle-time, after PE lessons or as part of creative writing lessons. It can also be used by therapists, child counsellors and play therapists. Benefits of using this album: Improves sleep Boosts immune system improves concentration and focus Improves listening skills Improves self-esteem and positivity Improves emotional health and literacy Improves emotional resilience Improves creativity and imagination Improves ability to cope with stress and anxiety Encourages mindfulness Suitable for children ages 4-10. We have had reports that older children and even adults love this album.

  1. Isabel

    A total of 4 hours in the car meant that we all heard the wonderful Superheroes CD twice! OK, my nearly 16-year old was plugged into his iPod so probably wasn`t listening but my husband, Nikolai and I really enjoyed it, especially on the return journey when we were tired and stressed. It sent Nikolai to sleep but we carried on listening to the end and I`m sure it helped me to focus and stay calm. So far, then, good results!!

  2. Busy mum

    This is a fabulous CD. My child had lots of trouble dropping off to sleep before. Since purchasing this bedtimes have been much less stressful for both of us. I put this on for him to listen to when I leave the room and within 10 -15 minutes he is in a deep sleep.

  3. Baby Budgeting Blogger

    The guided meditation is wonderful, the music and the voice are intriguing and relaxing and the child is toatlly taken on a fabulous journey. Beautiful. The characters of Aladdin, Pinocchio, Jack and the beanstalk…well they are all so familiar to them and my children were totally engaged in each story.

  4. happy monster free mummy

    My son has a diagnosis of `extreme anxiety` which affects his life at school and at home. SInce using the Wizard and Superhero cd`s as part of his bedtime routine he has slept better and has not come into my room at night (scared the monsters will have eaten me) for a long time.

  5. Charlie, age 10

    My mum got me the superheros cd. She puts its on at bedtime. Its made things much better at bedtime. I worry alot at bedtime and cannot go to sleep. I lay and listen to the cd and feel myself getting sleepy. Even if I wake in the night from a bad dream I put the cd on myself and it helps me feel less scared and I go back to sleep. This has made a real big difference in our house cause everyone gets to sleep at night now. I have had sleep problems for lots of years and have tried lots of different stuff, this really works. Now I can sleep better I feel happier at School cause I have had enough sleep.

  6. My children now both sleep soundly, and tell me that they have wonderful dreams. I think it`s Marneta`s voice that reads the meditations on the CD - she has an incredibly calm and relaxing voice. I would thoroughly recommend any of the CDs - such a superb way of getting your kids off to sleep at night, AND giving them positive messages about themselves. My boys tell me they like them because "they make you really relaxed and have a good sleep" and "they make you have good dreams".

  7. Diana

    Recently we were given a gift of this CD. At first glance it had a pretty picture and sounded interesting. We weren’t to know its true value until one of our munchkins wandered off to their bedroom with it. It was like magic, said child sound asleep all night…no waking up for a drink…no 5am wake up call for us…and a happy smile over breakfast!!! Since that evening the CD has swapped between our houses, been lent out to friends. ! Word is obviously spreading.

  8. Claudia Cartwright

    My middle son is 100 miles an hour and enjoys relaxing to them. I know our local school used this CD in the summer term during the heatwave. The Reception kids were lying on the floor listening to them when the temperature meant they couldnt teach.

  9. Jeanette

    Every night my daughter(6) listens to Magical meditations for superheroes and often empower her friends and family with wonderful qualities like patience, love, peace. She regularly empowers herself by saying I can do it or I must stay calm.

  10. teacher and mummy

    After a long conversation about how late he should be allowed to stay up, my nephew went to bed 30 minutes early and layed there after the recording finished because he was so relaxed. Bed time became much more "exciting and fun". I also use it in the schools with students. They have shown much less disruptive behaviour and greater emotional regulation abilities.