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Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for using Relax Kids in School
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Increased concentration, focus and attention.

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Manage Emotions

Help pupils identify and manage emotions.

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Improve learning and school performance.

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Build sustainable strategies to manage stress and anxiety.

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Reduce negative thinking and behaviour.

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Aid self-control, emotions and conflict resolution.

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Equip pupils with simple behaviour management strategies.

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Improve listening skills, social and communication skills.

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Peer pressure

Reduce anxiety, bullying and peer pressure.

AWARD WINNING in Hertfordshire

The Relax Kids system was used in a project run by CAMHS. It was awarded the 2011 Nursing Standards Mental Health Award.
Deborah Bone

"As a mental health professional I know the difference a relaxed mind can make towards improved concentration and behaviour."

Deborah Bone Emotional and Mental Health Advisor CAMHS

A team from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health) have been running a successful therapeutic programme using the Relax Kids 7 step system in Hertfordshire schools since 2007. Evaluations have shown that the programme has lessened the stigma attached to mental health services for young people and that they continue to use the practical techniques taught. The programme won the 2011 Nursing Standards Award in Mental Health section.

Three year pilot in Knowsley

Sylvester Primary School in Knowsley reduced their fixed term exclusions from 19 to zero in 3 years after using the Relax Kids programme. Relax Kids was used as a whole school approach. There were short daily relaxation sessions throughout the day, weekly Relax Kids classes and lunchtime classes, After school Relax Kids clubs, Daily class affirmations and special Relax Kids event during Health Week and schools Friendship Week. Two relaxation rooms were created and every class had a Pupils' overall level of emotional literacy rose and the number of incidents has fallen, and parents and teachers have reported healthier and happier children. Using the NFER Emotional Literacy Assessment and Intervention tool, Sylvester Primary School was able to directly measure the impact of their approach to the social and emotional aspects of learning since introducing Relax Kids. After Relax Kids 3 year pilot, 91% of pupils in the school scored average, above average or well above average on their overall level of emotional literacy on the NFER scale. The school also measured a dramatic improvement in pupil behaviour. The number of serious behaviour incidents, including aggressive or violent behaviour, or serious disrespect halved in the first year, halved again the following year and continued to fall in the final year of the pilot. Incidents of repetitive low-level disruptive behaviour also fell by 20%. Ofsted gave the school an "Outstanding" for emotional well-being, personal development and pastoral care. The Knowsley Education Authority were so impressed with the results, the Relax Kids Programme has been introduced to all fifty seven schools in the Borough!

Calm-a-class in Durham

In a project in Durham 163 pupils people age 3-15 years have taken part in Relax Kids in 15 schools. At the start of the projects, 96% of participants scored low on their relaxation levels or high on hyperactivity. Approximately 85% of participants reported they felt more calm and relaxed. 98% of participants requested more sessions. School staff reported positive changes such as children increased confidence in quieter children.

"There was a lovely atmosphere in the room, it felt calm and safe. One of the pupils is very lively, talkative and fidgety; he was engaged and relaxed throughout. I will definitely use the programme again as I was very impressed with the results."

Teacher Emotional and Mental Health Advisor CAMHS
Wendy Minhinnett

"Overall the Relax Kids project has been a great success with 98% of participants requesting more sessions. This is just the beginning!"

Wendy Minhinnett Mental Health Teacher

Calm-a-class in Northampton

Over 250 teachers in Northamptonshire use Relax Kids in the classroom. Teachers have noticed a big difference in the ability of their pupils to focus on their work and the children are much calmer after listening to a CD or doing other relaxation exercises. In one Year 3 class the teacher was surprised at the speed at which the programme started to impact on class morale. The link Educational Psychologist noticed a difference in the class after 6 weeks of using Relax Kids, especially for one child with possible mental health and social problems.

"As a Local Authority teacher for mental health I wholeheartedly recommend Relax Kids to all schools I work with. Individual children and whole classes love to use the exercises and resources, which provide them with a great sense of emotional wellbeing. Relax Kids is wonderful for teachers, teaching assistants and learning mentors, especially used alongside SEAL materials, and also for some of the more troubled youngsters."

John Fardon Mental Health Teacher


A Relax Kids project funded by the Public Agency Mental Health and Suicide Prevention was run in ten schools across the Western Trust area of Northern Ireland. 265 children participated including 3 special schools totally 33 pupils with special needs. The schools were a mix of urban and rural. Weekly sessions were run over 6 weeks. Parents reported their child's self-esteem, self- confidence and mood were raised after using Relax Kids. They also noted a difference in behaviour, sleeping habits and attention span at the weekends. Teachers recognised the importance of “quiet time” and were able to incorporate this into their classroom which heeled them feel less stressed. Special needs students showed most outstanding results. Teachers noted that concentration levels improved. The relax kids facilitators also noticed that pupils a weekly improvement in how the children participated in each session. Some children who weren't able to participate at the start due to either confidence issues or special needs, by end were able to fully participate. As the programme developed the children's concentration and listening skills vastly improved as did their ability to become calm and peaceful athe end, in fact the amount of time they were able to relax was doubled by the end from one song to two.

"Relax kids has enabled the children to develop their positive thinking and given them the tools to manage their feelings and behaviour. The children have developed their life skills in a fun way and the positive contribution it has made to their overall emotional intelligence and wellbeing is evident."

Principal Omagh County PS