Relax Kids Summit - Thursday 23rd

A Monster Handbook

A toolkit of strategies and exercises to help children manage BIG feelings.

A Monster Handbook is packed with tips, fun exercises and activities to help you train and tame your monster emotions.

Monster Emotions
Understanding your big emotions
Cathy Lang
Relax Kids and Yoga
Jo FitzGerald
Aiding Mental Health
Magical Mel
Believing in Children

The Imaginarium

A place devoted to the imagination

The Imaginarium is a unique meditation/relaxation book specifically created for teens to help them navigate through this tech-swamped society.

Each meditation encourages teens to take their love of gadgets into their imagination where they can find a place of calm, recharge their batteries and get a sense of perspective in their lives.

The imaginarium (a place devoted to the imagination) has twenty five chambers. Walk through the corridors of your mind and step into the Chamber of Boundaries, Chamber of Acceptance, Chamber of Solutions and Chamber of Power. Learn tools and techniques to help you negotiate your thoughts and feelings.

The Imaginarium is a powerful resource for teens, young people as well as adults to help them manage their mental health, emotional health and wellbeing.


Tools to develop focus and concentration

How to be Happy

52 positive activities for children

Cathy Lang
Relax Kids and Yoga
Children's Well-being Pack
Activities to explore feelings, build resilience and nurture confidence. Designed by a registered Therapist.
MY Mood Stars
Wendy Woo Limited

Little Stars CD

Helping young children relax and sleep