Relax Kids Summit - Thursday 23rd

A Monster Handbook

A toolkit of strategies and exercises to help children manage BIG feelings.

A Monster Handbook is packed with tips, fun exercises and activities to help you train and tame your monster emotions.

A Monsters Handbook helps children manage their monsters of anxiety and worry, deal with the dragons of anger and stress, and make friends with their gremlins of grief and sadness.

The Imaginarium

A place devoted to the imagination

The Imaginarium is a unique meditation/relaxation book specifically created for teens to help them navigate through this tech-swamped society.

Each meditation encourages teens to take their love of gadgets into their imagination where they can find a place of calm, recharge their batteries and get a sense of perspective in their lives.

The imaginarium (a place devoted to the imagination) has twenty five chambers. Walk through the corridors of your mind and step into the Chamber of Boundaries, Chamber of Acceptance, Chamber of Solutions and Chamber of Power. Learn tools and techniques to help you negotiate your thoughts and feelings.

The Imaginarium is a powerful resource for teens, young people as well as adults to help them manage their mental health, emotional health and wellbeing.


Tools to develop focus and concentration

Activities such as progressive muscle relaxation, visual imagery, positive affirmations and breathing techniques have been used to help reduce hyperactivity and lack of concentration in children. 

Examples include: sitting in a quiet room, staying still like a tortoise and floating on clouds. Regular listening to this album helps children learn patience and awareness, so allowing them to feel in control.

MY Mood Stars
Wendy Woo Limited
Natasha Devon Book
A Beginner's Guide to Being Mental: An A-Z
Children's Well-being Pack
Activities to explore feelings, build resilience and nurture confidence. Designed by a registered Therapist.

How to be Happy

52 positive activities for children

Teaching children the true meaning of happiness and heloing them create happy family moments at home.

How to be Happy is a scrap book bursting with positive ideas, simple and economicak activities and fun games. Each page includes colourful pictures and diagrams to explain the activity in simple child-like language. There are some in-book activities but this is mainly a book of ideas. This book is full of interesting ways to relax, have fun and be happy. It encourages spirituality for young children.

Each chapter is a different activity such as how to make peace pebbles, how to make a chill out corner, how to be kind, how to relax, how to manage stress, how to write a personal prayer and how to make worry dolls.

Suitable for ages 5+

Magical Mel
Believing in Children
Relax with Sophie in North Cornwall, UK
Create your own wellbeing toolkit
Marneta Viegas
Relax Kids Founder

Little Stars CD

Helping young children relax and sleep

This unique album has a series of simple relaxation exercises which seamlessly link into a well-known relaxing nursery rhyme. It is restful and reassuring for young children and combines simple exercises with familiar songs. Examples include relaxing like a bunny and the Sleeping Bunny song and lying in a beautiful garden with Lavenders Blue song. 

Suitable for bedtime and nap time. 

Monster Emotions
Understanding your big emotions
Cathy Lang
Relax Kids and Yoga
Kath Routledge
Relax Kids and more
MY Mood Stars
Wendy Woo Limited