Mindfulness Books

A Monster Handbook
Pants of Peace
Be Brilliant
The Imaginarium
The Magic Box
How to be Happy
Little Book of Stars
PowerUP and Log Book

Fairytale Books

Aladdins Magic Carpet
The Wishing Star

Affirmation Cards

Star Cards
Mood Cards

MP3 Albums

Little Stars MP3
Shining Stars MP3
Silent Nights MP3
Anxiety and Worry MP3
Quiet Spaces MP3
Stressbusters MP3
Believe and Achieve MP3
Concentration MP3
Magic Unfolding MP3
Wizards MP3
Princesses MP3
Up Up and Away MP3
Elevator of Happiness MP3
Relax and Destress MP3
Superheroes MP3
Self-Esteem MP3
Anger Management MP3
How do you feel today MP3
Relax and Sleep MP3

Chill Skills CDs

Relax and Destress
Believe and Achieve

Relax Your Child CDs

Self Esteem
Anxiety and Worry
Anger Management

Fairytale CDs

Elevator of Happiness
Little Stars CD
Quiet Spaces
Magic Unfolding


Winter Comfort Kit
2021 Superifficextramarvamazinfabutastic <br>Yearly Calendar and Pen (Folded)
Folded Star Poster

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Concentration Pack
Easter Pack
Calm in the Chaos Pack
Monster Pack
Free Calm Pack
Anger Management Pack
Better Sleep Pack
Anxiety Support Pack
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Calm Pack
Christmas Cracker Kit
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Self Esteem Pack

Online Training

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