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  • I've wanted to do the Relax Kids Training for many years, and finally I can say I've achieved my wish. It's been such a wonderful and creative weekend full of Enchantment, Imagination, Fun and Laughter. I must say it went way beyond my expectation and I cant remember when I've had so much fun.

    Anaabout the Relax Kids Training
  • The Relax Kids course has been a really enjoyable weekend. Lots of content and heaps of inspiration. I feel like I've got everything I need to get started. The course is a superb mix of ways to support a child's physical, emotional and spiritual growth and needs. Thank you!

    Diane Murrayabout the Relax Kids Training
  • I returned from my Relax Kids training on a natural high and full of ideas. A year later and I signed a contract with Portsmouth City Council to hold classes and the children’s UNI. I love my job!

    Amber Hawkinsabout the Relax Kids Training
  • I love Relax Kids because it is so simple and beautiful! Children will love the classes and I will love teaching it!

    Ana Arroyaveabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Invigourating, inspirational, engaging, rewarding, exciting and essential for anybody who works with children.

    Marie Haynesabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Having taught in a school for over 6 years, I can see the need and benefits of the Relax Kids programme.

    Felicity Atkinsonabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Relax Kids is a future for all children to feel loved and valued in our society. It is the missing link that education has needed for a long time.

    Rachel Speersabout the Relax Kids Training
  • I found the course very interesting and it excited me with the many options and doors that it may open for me. I feel very positive and confident now.

    Jade Glynnabout the Relax Kids Training
  • I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity of experiencing Relax Kids Training, and am really looking forward to a magical journey ahead. Thank You Marneta!

    Dolores Kennyabout the Relax Kids Training
  • It was also great meeting so many others who are so eager in working to make a difference in the lives of children. Personally I'm more of a one to one person and can be quiet shy when it comes to sharing within a group setting. However Marneta's beautiful free spirit and endearing personality helped me, plus everyone else in the group to relax and feel at ease.

    Joanabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Relax Kids gives children the emotional and creative nurturing they need and which is missing from our education system. I can't wait to get going.

    Phillipa Eadeabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Your course was wonderful and certainly worth attending. To be honest I was nervous as the course was expensive for me and I had the added costs of flying to London to attend it but it was well worth it. Your course is well put together with every angle covered and every need met. Your positive way of teaching and openness and belief in all who attended was obvious and noticeable.

    Darleneabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Relax Kids has the power to help the next generation to be calm, relaxed and well.

    Lauren Hammond-Greenabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Relax Kids has the power to change a child’s future.

    Victoria Lilyabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Relax Kids - wow! It was such an enjoyable weekend with an explosion of potential to make a difference to the well being of our children and adults of the future. Thank you.

    Mary Jacobsabout the Relax Kids Training
  • I think Relax Kids has enormous potential to replace the creativity, joy and love which is sometimes missing from the education system. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

    Sarah Noonanabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Wow..... Simply wow! I came here with a passion for working with children and an imagination, but was not sure how to channel this into a successful business. I'm leaving with a huge smile on my face feeling fully supported and ready to shine my light!

    Cherub Sansenabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Relax Kids is an amazing, inspiring, uplifting experience for all. It encompasses the whole being, promoting love, peace, self worth, concentration and a sense of being connected to everyone. It is structured, simple, exciting and so sparkling.

    Isla Gammackabout the Relax Kids Training
  • I had wanted to do the Relax Kids training for many years and now, having had the most wonderful weekend, it went way beyond my expectation! I cannot wait to get started. I feel so energised.

    Betsy Mossabout the Relax Kids Training
  • Just had an amazing weekend training with Relax Kids. I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't live up to my expectations but hand on heart it was much, much more. It's such a lovely experience for kids -so beneficial! Wouldn't it be amazing to have a new generation of calm, confident people

    Marie Higgins Nolanabout the Relax Kids Training