Fun life skills classes for teens and young people
Learn how to relax and de-stress
Achieve goals
Learn how to have positive and powerful thoughts
Learn how to feel happy
Learn how to feel great
Mindful exercises
Relaxation tips (breathing and self massage)
Confidence boosters
Visualisation and mindfulness

The Relax Kids Mission Statement

Relax Kids was created in 2000 with one goal - to help children feel happier, more positive and believe in themselves. We believe that every child has a right to feel calm and confident and for the last two decades, we have created products, classes and trainings to help make a positive difference to children's lives all over the world.

Our unique right-brained integration approach to relaxation and mindfulness sets us apart as we use creative and imaginative body-based techniques and resources within our 7-step relaxation system. Relax Kids believes that relaxation and a positive outlook are the keys to good mental health, self esteem, emotional intelligence and emotional resilience.

Our mission is to give children and young people the tools they need to help them manage stress and anxiety and to be more resourceful when facing the challenges of daily life.

We support parents, teachers and those working with children and young people through our quality resources and training. We want children, young people and their families to feel happier, more positive and empowered with skills for life!

Improved self-esteem and confidence
Gives young people tools to cope with stress, anxiety and fears
Improves social skills and emotional literacy
Helps teens manage anger and emotions
Improved concentration and memory retention