meet Shirley...

Based in Somerset

Magical Adventures Coach
Baby Mindful Coach

I started adult life teaching infant school children, then when my own three children were at nursery and primary school I taught children who were home-educated.... which led us to enjoy the blessings of home-education ourselves! For five years, once my children had all left home to continue their own adventures, I ran a one-woman vegetarian cafe, and more recently an awakening in my own consciousness led me to seriously look at the challenges young people face today. It's scary, and I want to help. So that's why I'm here! I enjoy getting out into nature, yoga and meditation, looking after myself in natural ways, and getting creative with vegetables and fruit. I love music and the theatre, and days out with my grown-up daughters. At home I have one husband, two cats and three ducks, and a small but magical kitchen garden! My favourite word? BREATHE :)

Call: 01225425128