meet Debbie...

Based in Teesside

Magical Adventures Coach

Thanks for stopping by my Relax Kids page.

I work in the Teesside area, alongside the lovely Gill Hudson.

We aim to provide community groups, 1:1s, school groups and family workshops.

We have a shared passion for early intervention, and developing strengths within the family to manage the increasing pressures and demands placed upon children today.

My professional background is as a Registered Nurse for People with Learning Disabilities for 16 years! I get a shock whenever I work out how long it is since I trained!! More recently I trained to become a Children's Sleep Practitioner, which lead me into becoming a Relax Kids coach - the link between relaxing and sleep is there!! I am also a very newly qualified CBT Therapist - final results came in last week!!

Please contact me to discuss one-to-one sessions
Call: 07535124739