Relax Kids Coach in North Yorkshire

Kirsty's photos:

Photo: The Old Granary Photo: We made fingerprint family trees at our Mothers Day Family WorkshopPhoto: Little StarsPhoto: The Old GranaryPhoto: The Old GranaryPhoto: Family WorkshopsPhoto: All set up ready for a family workshopPhoto: Little StarsPhoto: The Old GranaryPhoto: The Old GranaryPhoto: Relax Kids Crafty FunPhoto: Each family spent some time exploring the reasons why they love each other at our family workshop

Hi, I am Kirsty and I am a Relax Kids Coach in the York and Selby area. The majority of my working life has been spent working with families who have been affected by Domestic Abuse and through this I have learnt how important it is for people to look after their emotional wellbeing. When I had my own children, I wanted to find something that would help them to understand their big emotions and give them the tools they need to self regulate these from a young age and that is when I discovered Relax Kids. Relax Kids is a fun, interactive programme that takes children on wonderful adventures whilst teaching them the invaluable life skills of self regulation and confidence at the same time - thus paving the way for strong emotional wellbeing as they progress into adulthood.I am available for one to one sessions, workshops in schools and residential homes, as well as a number of community classes (details of which can be found in my class listings). I look forward to seeing you at a session soon.

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