Star Cards
Star Cards

Tools to develop strength and resilience

BURSTING WITH STARS This is a beautiful set of 52 cards specially created to help develop children's self esteem. Examples include: I am a happy star, I am a patient star, I am a lucky star, I am a loving star, I am a confident star. Star Cards can be used to help children see and develop their qualities and strengths. There is a short positive affirmation on the back of each card to give children a positive thought for the day. Let children choose a positive affirmation at the beginning of the day to help keep them happy and positive each day. They are a great way to introduce and instil good values and qualities to children from a young age. Star Cards come in a Star Bag so you can lucky dip the cards, or keep them safe between uses! The pack also includes a selection of games and activities to give you ideas of how to use this pack of star cards. Benefits of using these cards: Increases positivity and optimism. Improves listening skills Improves self-esteem and positivity Improves emotional health and literacy Improves creativity and imagination Supports emotional resilience

  1. Rachael Play therapist

    Just to let you know the star cards went down a treat. Lauren loved them and went round the ward to the other kids & nurses with them.

  2. starry eyed sally!!!

    I beleive that over the years my girls have regularly used the Relaxkids CD`d, Star card, moods cards and also me reading the The Relaxations to them from Relaxkids books. they have been more self aware of there emotions. They even seem to notice if they havent had a relaxation session for a few days! Which is all wonderful for girls growing up. They are also so aware of there special qualities which I feel has been helped so much by the Star cards!

  3. Sarah

    I use the cards at home with my three children and this December I made an advent calendar with the cards. The children absolutely loved it. It gave them a focus for each day during the very frantic and exciting time. If the children managed to be the star for the day, the christmas elves left them each a chocolate in a special box. It was a brilliant idea that really worked. tell everyone about it.

  4. Michelle Walshe

    My class love the star cards. We have taken a magic power star card each morning at circle time and this morning I almost forgot but they were quick to remind me that we had not taken our magic power for the day.

  5. Jade

    Shaun and Alex pick one out for each other in the morning and if I notice the star quality during the day I mention it and it`s so simple but it makes him beam with pride!

  6. Linda

    These cards are amazing. I place them in my singing bowl for the children in my class to pick out a card each. even the 2 year olds that I teach cant wait to choose a card from the bowl. Some children know which card they are looking for and wont give up looking until they have found it and some children love the random surprise. They are just amazing.

  7. Hayley Right

    The products are spellbinding. My son has the two books, the star cards and now after my last order all the cds except princesses obviously. He loves them and so do i. What an amazing concept for children of this era to remain positive and calm throughout this hectic. He uses these cards everyday at breakfast and loves them.

  8. K

    just opened my Star Cards – they’re gorgeous, thank you so much for sending them through. Going to order the poster now. Daisy (my nearly 5 year old) loves them too! Thank you

  9. Jade

    Shaun and Alex pick one out for each other in the morning and if I notice the star quality during the day I mention it and it`s so simple but it makes him beam with pride! Many thanks for the inspiring products

  10. Claire Banks

    The children I have been recently teaching have wholly embraced `Relax Kids`. Whenever a new CD arrived or indeed the `Star` cards, it was just like Christmas for them. I have never experienced such enthusiasm or anticipation in the classroom for a new resource.